Thursday, July 26, 2012

"I can confidently play heaps of my favourite songs."

If you live in Sydney's western suburbs and have been looking for HOW or WHERE to start learning the guitar - you've found the best place. 

Michael Essery teaches students of all ages from preschool children, to teenagers, to young adults like me, through to people in retirement (who get to practice for hours a day... I'm secretly jealous!)

I've only been attending 30 minute lessons, once a week for a little over a year - but I can confidently play heaps of my favourite songs. For this, I thank Michael because of his patience and motivation to keep me practicing throughout the week so I can get each skill/song ticked off my checklist.

That's another great thing - the checklists! The G4 Guitar Method (G4GM) helps you track your progress and stay focussed by breaking down learning the guitar into 7 separate skills and whipping it all into 6 tidy levels of checklists.

If you seriously want to play the guitar, call Michael TODAY - that's what I did this time last year... I look forward to jamming with you in our group sessions!

~Marian Rakosi (Early childhood professional) Penrith

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