Saturday, March 16, 2013

"I can’t believe you are Giving it away for 10 Bucks."

Hi David,
For some reason this Course has come along for me at the right time. New Years Resolutions – I can’t believe you are Giving it away for 10 Bucks. I thought it was like all the other courses you see online, but I thought well.... for 10 bucks, It can’t hurt to try. Very glad I did.
Answers to Yours Questions:
1. I make it my intention to pick up the guitar everyday, even if I only play for half hour. I’m starting to get some dexterity by doing the Catapillar walk (1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4,- 4,3,2,1, 4,3,2,1)etc up and down the fretboard. But Usually its the same boring old songs.
2. I have been playing guitar for about 6 Years all up. I’ve never had a lesson and none of my friends play guitar, so its rare that I play with other guitarists. I’ve taught myself using Tabs from the internet and very sloppy chords, Power Chords and Basic Major & Minors. Haven’t quite mastered the hand reflex of Bar Chords. I can pull off some tricky, but I lack a knowledge and understanding of music, timing and structure of scales. I’m currently in a rutt, where I pick up the guitar and play the same boring songs, the wrong way because thats how I’ve learnt them. I’ve been putting off scales all these years and its only in the past 3 months I’ve actually concerntrated on learning some scales, G maj and C maj, and trying to figure out how the shapes they fit all over the fretboard. I’ve had this course for about 3 days now and started at lesson 1 and worked out that ‘d been holding the pick wrong for starters. I’ve notice I only usually pick down, a habit harder to break than I thought. I down loaded the simpsons and Flintstones theme videos and found I could play them both off by heart in about 45 mins. I felt a little rush that I haven’t felt in years, of the first time you learn to play that new song and you Nail it. That little flutter like.....Yeah!!!. As I said 3 days and I’ve barely even gotten started on this course. I’ve read most of the PDF files though, to get a grasp of what I’ll be learning, and I’m exciting about the prospects of finally learning what I’ve been putting off for years. The videos help heaps, the 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 etc and learning 2-3 Notes at a time and repeating them over and over...... well it makes sense, but I find its actually working. In the past I’ve been concertrating on awhole beat/bar. The theroy side of it, I’m still yet to learn, but the structure of this course, should work in my favour and I’m determinded to succeed.
3. Yep self teaching, but my New Year resolution was to get a teacher this year, so maybe I need some lessons to help break old habits.
I’d like to say thank you, you’ve helped me more than you know already.
Kind Regards
David Middis
Hervey Bay QLD

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