Saturday, November 15, 2014

"I'm absolutely delighted both with Shane and with the G4 Method."

Hi David,

Thanks for writing. I'm absolutely delighted both with Shane and with the G4 Method.

It is a privilege to be taught by as talented a musician as Shane, and he also strikes exactly the right tone in his lessons, working through the different disciplines in each lesson and keeping to the schedule while being flexible about aspects that need more or less work. I am a classically trained singer, 'cellist, and (to a lesser extent) double & electric bass player, so I have a solid background in music and can recognise Shane's great talents. He's put me in a "group" (there's only two of us so far, so still plenty of individual attention) with another trained musician who is also picking up guitar, so we're on the same wavelength and can progress without any frustration about going back to the basics of theory etc.

I'm also a fan of the G4 Method. Compared with the learning curve on my other instruments, I'm making very rapid progress towards being able to play "proper" music and I attribute much of that to how well the course is structured. Even with little time to practice during the week, and no time to play things that are not in the syllabus, I'm loving being able to play (OK, much simplified...) versions of great songs and that's a great motivator.


Andrew Wright - St Albans UK

Shane Allessio is located in St Albans in the UK. To check out Shane's website go to

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