Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"My experience with G4 Guitar has been amazing"

It has been just over a month now since I have commenced my journey with G4 Guitar and may I admit, time has truly flown by! Guitar is an instrument that I have been focused on learning for a while now but I was either never able to make time for it, or I was unable to find the right music school/teacher who would be able to train me up to become a proficient guitarist. I love the fact that G4 Guitar operates a skills based program rather than focusing on training its students in one particular area of the guitar. This truly enables us to be able to master each individual skill that in turn allows us to play any song from any part of the world with equal proficiency. The lessons are also structured in a manner that does not demotivate students, beginners in particular, if they are not able to perfect a certain technique. So far, my experience with G4 Guitar has been amazing and I hope that it continues this way for many more years to come!
- Srishtti Viswanath, Glenfield AU

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