Thursday, December 11, 2014

"I’ve been amazed at his response to Fernando’s teaching and the method itself. "

My 7 year old son has been participating in the G4 Guitar method with Fernando in Flagstaff hill for the last 3 months and I’ve been amazed at his response to Fernando’s teaching and the method itself. He has relished in the challenge and also handled the strong focus on technique, which I wondered if he would grow impatient with. Fernando is very good at showing where the so-called ‘boring’ tasks, like practising picking, will be of value in the future by giving a practical example. One week he asked my son what bands he liked and he said the Hilltop Hoods. Fernando hadn’t heard of them (being from El Savador) but a week later he played one of their songs, showing that the arpeggios that my son had been learning, were exactly what was needed for their song. What a great practical example! He also reminds my son where the practice is coming out positively in his playing.

As much as I am often a ‘near enough is good enough’ sort of person, I really support the strong focus on technique because it will give my son a freedom to play anything he wants to in the future – and that is something that Fernando expresses too.

At times I wonder if the expectations are a tad high for a child that is trying desperately to be perfect with his first attempts, but I also know Fernando is trying to find that balance between pushing just the right amount to get the result, and also encouraging him. Most of the time he’s getting it spot on. Just occasionally I’ve wondered if Indie hasn’t quite grasped what he’s meant to be doing and so is internally freaking out a little...but more often than not, the gentle pushing is really getting a good result.

I like that the program has repetition but also has variations each week. I like the Daily 4 chart for following for homework.

I am enjoying participating in the classes too and am learning new things also. I practise with Indie as often as I can.Finally I really appreciate Fernando’s efforts and enthusiasm. He’s doing a great job.

If you have any specific questions I’m happy to answer them.

Cheers Cath Leo - Adelaide - South Australia.

G4 Guitar Teacher Fernando Llort is located in Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide, South Australia. To check out Fernando's website please go to

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