Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"the clear instruction and methodology had me hooked. "

I am super happy to comment on your guitar school .. I think it’s quite amazing!  Please feel free to publish my comment, if you wish!

“ I was fortunate to chance upon five introductory guitar lessons at the G4 Guitar School.  I commenced with some hesitation and trepidation as, although I am a children’s performer/singer/storyteller, I am mainly self taught and the idea of formal lessons made me fraught with anxiety.  However, the clear instruction and methodology had me hooked.  Furthermore, the support with practice and Joakim’s willingness to answer any question with ease and clarity and his overall patience has been very encouraging.  I am inspired to continue!” - Fairy Poppilina - Poppy Stoker

G4 GUITAR SCHOOL Paddington is located on Oxford Street in Sydney, Australia. To check out their website please go to http://guitarlessonspaddington.com.au

G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS For more information about our schools please visit  http://www.g4guitarmethod.com 

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